Asparagus farm trip

06/05/2008 - 15:00
06/05/2008 - 19:00

The asparagus season has started a bit late here in Oxford due to the rubbish weather, but there's now a big crop of them just a couple of miles from Carfax. It's not your normal 3rd week activity, but if you want to procrastinate outdoors and find out some more about some local food, then hopefully this is your bag.

There's space for 25 of us to be shown around the asparagus farm in Binsey village (just the other side of the river from Port Meadow), where we'll be talked through the farming process by one of the owners, before we head back to the Vaults on Radcliffe Square to cook up our bounty in a few different ways: it's seasonal, local and can be cooked in a load of different ways. You can boil some and make a hollondaise sauce to have with it; or put some in tarts; or make a salad; or put in pasta sauces or risottos. We'll see what we have time and ingredients for and make as much as possible before we need to be out of the kitchen at 7pm

Spaces are limited to 25 so that everyone can get involved in the cooking at the Vaults, so email me back to confirm you are keen to go and we'll sort out a meeting place in the city centre. Bikes are essential if we're not going to take up all of our day. Will Pouget has very kindly offered up the Vaults and its kitchen without a hire charge and is only looking for contributions of a couple of quid from everyone. We'll also need similar contributions (or less maybe - it depends how generous the farmer is feeling) to buy our principal ingredient.

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