Bread baking (take 2) and thrifty chicken cooking class

20/02/2008 - 15:00
20/02/2008 - 18:30

We're going to try to run two classes at Paul's house. You don't have to go to both events, but spaces are limited so please let us know which you would like to do. There's no charge for either event, but Paul would be very grateful for any voluntary donations, as he is raising money for Oxfam.

3-5pm Baking

Seeing as there were so many disappointed wannabe bakers who couldn't get into Paul Ylioja's baking class last time, he has generously agreed to have another class at his place.

He is great at explaining how and why his method works and the best bit is the whacky and dramatic sling-shot-style kneading process. It doesn't make sense when written, but you'll see what I'm saying when he demonstrates. Everyone will leave with a quick white loaf of their own and hopefully the confidence to get into regular baking like Paul.


5-6.30pm Chicken thrift

I talked about doing this ages ago, but haven't got round to it. I'm still not exactly sure what form this is going to take, but I think I'm going to demonstrate one of the many ways that you can make your chicken go further than its first roast meal. I'll bring a roasted bird with some meat left on it to the bread class, take the meat of the carcass before Paul starts doing his bread and make stock during his class. Come bread-out-the-oven time we'll put something thrifty and delicious together (to have with some of our freshly baked bread?)

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