Fungus Foray 2

28/10/2007 - 10:30
28/10/2007 - 12:30

For those of you that are going to miss this Sunday's foray and maybe even for people who just really like it, there's another mushroom hunt
happening near Oxford.

At Brasenose Woods in Shotover Country Park Peter Creed is going to help with identification of different fungi (including which ones to avoid, I'm sure) and will explore some facts and folklore.

For directions go to but this is definitely a manageable bike ride, so we should be able to set off together.

Please sign up through a 'comment' below asap as numbers are limited.

Those on bikes are departing from outside Balliol College at 9.45.


Departure time

Let's meet outside Balliol college in time to leave on bikes at 9:45 tomorrow morning. If you can't get your hands on a bike then check out the link above to see how to get there by bus.

Double booked!

I'm going to have to miss out! I've just been offered an allotment and I'm meeting the allotment chap at 10.30. If I can change it I'll meet you guys at Shotover and tea and cake will still be available.

Ok I've got a silly plan...

I'm going to go to my allotment and once I'm done cycle fast to shotover. Then try to find you guys in the woods..... I'll probably miss most of the foraging.

Might see you guys tomorrow!

This one is actually FREE!

Just spoke to council folk and this one is actually free. No worries about numbers either. We're just going to turn up and dominate the picking scene!

Watch this space for definite details of departure and stuff nearer the end of the week.

moosh room?

Ted, you old silly! Can I sign up myself and two other provisionals? I just know that they want wild mushrooms however much they deny it. Eventually the force of the pores will win over. Anyway, I'll definitely be finding at least two people.

Tom Clark

Cool - sort out a bike or

Cool - sort out a bike or you'll be getting the granny bus.

mmmm mushrooms

that sounds reeealy good, what time were you thinking of setting off? rachel

If on bike then I think a

If on bike then I think a 10am departure would make sense. Will confirm later this week.

I think I'll be going again...

and if I do you guys can come along to mine afterwards for some tea and cake, if you wish. It's on the way back to Oxford from the country park.

A very kind offer. We'll

A very kind offer. We'll hopefully be able to take you up on it, though your place may be swamped by muddy foragers...

I'm trying to post below

I'm trying to post below asap but I can't quite see where he is....


Sign me up anyway ;).

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