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01/11/2007 - 13:00
01/11/2007 - 20:00

Through Slow Food Student at least 6 students are going to be holding cooking classes on Thursday of 4th week (1st November).

If you want to learn where to buy the best ingredients for your meals as well as how to prepare good food (that doesn't break the bank) even in college kitchens then sign up to take part by emailing

Everyone involved will meet up at 1pm on Broad St and each group will be able to shop at both the Covered Market (off High St) and the Farmers' Market (on Gloucester Green) before going to the "chef's" kitchen to prepare and eat their meals. We will share the cost of ingredients between participants in each group - with the emphasis on good *affordable* food this shouldn't be more than £3 or £4 per person.

Leave a comment below if you want to sign up to learn. Do so quickly, as numbers are limited.


cooking class

sounds great - can you sign me up?

Done - see below...we'll be

Done - see below...we'll be sorting out details later in week.


Hey, I'm Charles. This sounds amazing. I love to cook and would be interested in teaching a class sometime, but I'd like to be a participant this time just ot learn more about slow food first.

Let me know if you need more of my info as 'sign up details'
See you next Thursday

The concept is very simple

The concept is very simple and was really good fun when we did it last year, so we're trying to make these series of cooking classes a regular fixture. No more info needed - I'm just compiling a list of names of people interested and will send out emails later in the week to put people in groups and finalise details etc.

that sounds fun, i would

that sounds fun, i would really like to come and cook, do i need to put my name on a list or anything, and how much does it cost, also do we get put into groups or are we supposed to enter in a group?also im veggie, is that ok? rachel

This is hopefully going to

This is hopefully going to function as some kind of list. The cost is only going to be a share of the cost of ingredients. If you want to get a group of your friends together (prolly max 4) then that's fine or if it's just you then I'll sort out putting you in a group. Veggie will be fine - we'll have a veggie class!

great idea I like the plan

great idea I like the plan of combining with the farmer's market...

A wise man once recommended

A wise man once recommended this, though I've forgotten his name.


I'd be interested, but I'll be in the lab until 5.30 so I'll have to miss out. If the classes begin after then I might be able to come but I'll miss out the shopping.


If you're talking about going to the class to learn then that shouldn't be a problem. You'll just have to pay your share of the ingredients costs retrospectively, but there'll definitely be at least one class that won't start its cooking until after 5.30.

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