Mushroom hunting

21/10/2007 - 10:30
21/10/2007 - 13:30

There's a Fungus Foray happening at the nearby Harcourt Arboretum (a 15-minute drive away). I have access to an 8-seater people-mover so say 'sign me up' in a comment below if you would like to come along and we'll hopefully fill out the car.

It costs £2 each, but I'm hoping it's good fun and could potentially open up a way into very cheap and delicious (if time-consuming) meals, as there are those University woods around Wytham...


Wild-mushroom hunting!! How

Wild-mushroom hunting!! How exciting?! How long would it take to cycle? If you reckon it'd take longer than 40 mins could i grab a lift? Also, could you text me rather than reply on the website as not sure about internet at home? Thankyou!!


That would be great. We'll be there, thanks!

Ivana & Aarón

sign us up (2 ppl)

the 2 of us (Lili and Katie) would love to come. biking's a possibility but would rather bus it!

I'm going to drive

Buses aren't running (I messed up on that), but I'm going to leave from outside the Playhouse on Beaumont St. at 10:30am on Sunday. Please confirm you can make it.

yup we can both make it x

yup we can both make it x

No bikes :(

We haven't got bikes.

Aarón & Ivana

Sign (both of us) up!

Sounds good, my partner and I would love to come along!

(& Ivana)

There are some times I'd kill to be back in Oxford...

This sounds absolutely amazing... But I can't! Please, those who can, take this opportunity. Wild mushrooms are worth every penny.

Sign me up

Yeah I'll come :)

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