Bike ride to local organic farm

22/05/2007 - 18:00
22/05/2007 - 21:00

In collaboration with the Vaults & Garden and the Environment and Ethics Committee, Slow Food Student is organising a leisurely bike ride to Worton Farm on the evening of Tuesday 22nd May (5th week).

If you'd like to be shown around a local, organic mixed-farm and to have a Vaults and Garden picnic, then let me know (the farmer has a set limit of 30 on people for tours) and we'll be meeting on Broad Street (with bikes and the energy for a leisurely 30 min bike ride) at around 6pm before heading out.

As well as it being a great thing to find out how sustainable food is produced in our local area, I'm also interested in getting a group of keen beans together to set up and sustain a student-run allotment. I'm presently looking into places available for us, but I'm obviously not going to go ahead with raising money/paying for anything before I know that we have a group (probably around 10) who are serious about putting in some regular work on an allotment.

If you think you're even vaguely interested in the latter idea, then please put your name down for the farm trip. We should have the opportunity to pick the brains of David Blake, the owner of Worton Farm, and to get to know the other students who are crazy enough to go for the allotment scheme too.

As long as the weather is fine (it can't keep raining forever) it should be the perfect way to while away a mid-term Tuesday!



Despite my best efforts to get everyone lost on the way to Worton Farm, a group of around 30 students arrived at David Blake's little organic farm just north-west of Oxford in time for him to take us on a tour before it got dark!

The weather and light held out and in an hour and half we saw his emerging summer crops and heard how David's farm has so quickly expanded in the last few years. Despite the unwieldy numbers (my fault!) he spoke engagingly on his varied experiences as a grower throughout his life, but always as a strong proponent of sustainable organic production.

You will find his excellent vegetables at the Vaults & Garden and the Alpha Bar of which is he is the main supplier, as well as at the weekly Wolvercote farmers' market every Sunday. Hop along to all three!


Excellent!!! !

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