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Sourdough Starter

Sourdough is something that once you start, it's hard to stop.

Brussel Sprouts - Fried!

I'm not a huge fan of brussel sprouts generally. They're ok when cooked properly but often end up slimy and with a nasty taste. Here is an easy way of making them taste delicious - frying!

First wash the sprouts and remove outer leaves. Slice lengthways into slices of about 1/3 cm.

In a sauce pan heat butter and olive oil on a medium-high heat. The butter gives a nice creamy flavour, but the oil is needed to allow the butter to get hot enough without burning. Fry the sprouts until browned but not burnt. Season with salt and pepper.


Rabbits. Bunnies. Big teeth and twitching whiskers, soft fur and cuddly plumpness, young children frolicking with them in the garden.

Rabbits: skinned, butchered, sold, covered in congealed blood, with their internal organs still attached for £3.50 at Fellers.

"Not long 'till Christmas, now!"

That's what my Granddad always used to say whenever conversation died: "Oh well, not long 'till Christmas, now!". This habbit was so deeply ingrained that he was known to say it on both Christmas Eve and Boxing Day. He wasn't the brightest of sparks, you see, and so conversational filler was frequently required by him...

Bread in Oxford

Bread. The staff of life. And yet, in Britain, it’s a staff that’s often remarkably weak and unsupportive. It’s pappy, pale and generally pathetic. I could spend this entire article complaining about it, in fact, and convincing you that eating this rubbish is one of the worst things you can do: but I won’t.

Instead, I’ll get it done in one paragraph. I promise.

What’s wrong with our bread?

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